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Penile Injection


If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction post prostatectomy, you are not alone. The vast majority of men who under go this type of treatment option for prostate cancer are in the same situation. The good news is that you most likely have removed your cancer, now we will focus on how to resort your quality of life and sexual function concerns.
The purpose if this web site is to provide you information regarding erectile dysfunction treatment options. Several different choices will be explored and useful links provided for additional information. The selection process for treatment is highly individualized process and should not be considered a "one size fits all" attitude. Educate your self, ask question and read what others have experienced.


Penile Injections are another option for  post prostatectomy men in order to restore sexual performance.  Injectable medications are typically prostaglandin E1, or a combination of papaverine and phenotolamine.  The best option will be determined by your physician.  This treatment option has proven successful 85-95% of the time for men post prostatectomy surgery. Penile injection usually take effect in 5-20 minutes. These products should not be used more than 3 times per week and must ensure 24 hours between injections. Some men experience some temporary burning at injection site. In order to prevent scaring which could result in un-natural curving of the penis, rotate injection site. For example, after injecting into the left corpus cavernosum, next time inject the right side, etc. For erections lasting more than 4 hours, you must seek immediate medical attention. An overly engorged penis for extended period of time could result in permanent damage to the penis.


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